At Noosa Homoeopathic, commitment and dedication to facilitate and assist your journey back to wellness is Carolyn’s priority. Both acute and chronic health conditions are taken into account, as well as gently encouraging you to move from a place of emotional discomfort and pain, back to that which we all deserve in our lives – calmness, contentment, happiness, well-being, ample energy, and the restoration of personal motivation and fulfilment. At times, it can be difficult to recall how this feels. You can be assisted with the gentle action of Homoeopathic preparations, an awareness of patterns that create both mental and emotional disharmony, and selective lifestyle discussion.

Homoeopathic preparations have a long history of assisting and supporting the management of emotional complaints. They act on many aspects of being, and can allow a person to return to balance and harmony within all of these levels, enabling them to rediscover the very best version of themselves. If you have been struggling for years with the same old problems, and have never thought of trying a Homoeopathic approach, this is a low-risk and gentle method that can restore balance and wellbeing. Homoeopathic medicines must always be prescribed in accordance with Homoeopathic principles in order to act with any efficacy. Generally, there are no contraindications with taking homoeopathic preparations, but check with your Medical Healthcare Provider. Carolyn will also refer you to your Medical Healthcare Provider if there is evidence of more serious or chronic health complaints.

Emphasis may be placed in different areas according to the severity of the condition and the need to address that condition as a priority, following up with a more ‘constitutional’ approach. Or, if there are no pressing health conditions, an overall constitutional approach is taken to restore balance, good health and general wellness. Other methods of therapy, such as Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology, Massage and other traditionally-used therapies may also be of value in assisting the body and mind to return to a state of balance, strength and wellness. Homoeopathy can act alongside these modalities. There are some wonderful practitioners of vast experience and quality in our local area, and on the Sunshine Coast, who are highly recommended, should you wish to incorporate any of these approaches into your healing program.

Carolyn may also discuss various lifestyle factors with you. This is also important when looking at overall health, and helping guide you on your return to wellness.

Prevention is an area where assistance with Homoeopathic management and support can contribute, and may correct subtle, or even not-so-subtle imbalances before they become more entrenched health conditions. You don’t need to come for support and assistance just because you are unwell. Perhaps you are feeling just a bit under par, but can’t quite put your finger on what is wrong? A well-selected Homoeopathic preparation, prescribed in accordance with homoeopathic principles, may make a difference.


Please discuss any homoeopathic support and management you may be considering with your doctor or medical healthcare practitioner, if you are currently under their care. Generally there are no contraindications with Homoeopathic medicines, but check with your healthcare provider.

Homoeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

Carolyn does not, under any circumstances, support the cessation or replacement of your medical healthcare treatment plan with traditional homoeopathic management, as it is outside of the scope of her Professional Practice and Code of Professional Conduct.

Please advise Carolyn if you are currently taking any prescription medication.

(Back by popular demand - Comprehensive, Revised Edition, 2019)

Any suggestions or products in this eBook are to assist in the management of minor illness only, and ARE NOT intended to replace medical advice or treatment. Please contact your Medical Healthcare Provider for advice and treatment if symptoms persist or worsen. Seek medical advice immediately in the case of emergencies.