Stress, Sadness or Overwhelm?

I think many of us can increasingly relate to experiencing these types of feelings either personally, within our family group, amongst our friends or in our local communities. At our current stage of exponential change worldwide, most of us can attest to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed at times. Social anxiety has become more common than ever, as people wrestle to function with increasingly competitive social environments, bullying at school or in the workplace, or just getting out there and meeting people!

  • If you have been considering the various options available to help you feel better able to cope with daily life in a positive and perhaps more balanced way, think about trying Homoeopathic management under the care of a properly qualified and registered Homoeopathic Practitioner. Homoeopathy may assist you to reduce old negative thought patterns, traumas, grief, anxiety and anger, when used in accordance with homoeopathic principles. Such old patterns play a significant role in how we experience our world and our lives in the present moment.
  • Homoeopathic preparations can still be employed, even if you are currently on other medication for sadness, anxiety etc. Generally there are no contraindications with homoeopathic medicines, but check with your Healthcare Provider.
  • There is no need to reduce or stop such medications in order for the homoeopathic preparations to act. You do not have to choose ‘one or the other’. Homoeopathic preparations will still act, and will not adversely effect the action of the prescription drugs you may be taking. Homoeopathic management can act as an adjunct to your prescription medicines. If you are not currently under medical supervision from your doctor or medical specialist, a homoeopath may refer you to your doctor if he/she feels it is necessary.
  • Quite contrary to what some believe about Homoeopathic preparations, it is not evident that their action may not due to the ‘Placebo’ effect …….. you do not need to believe that they will work in order for them to act. Countless infants, dogs, horses, cats, injured koalas, birds (to name but a few) as well as many VERY skeptical and unwilling husbands (!) have been assisted with their complaints with the support of Homoeopathic management, the preparations of which must always be prescribed in accordance with homoeopathic principles.
  • If you would like find out more about homoeopathic management that may assist with some emotional complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact me, either via the email address given below:
  • Or by mobile phone 0431 036 495, or landline (07) 5412 2702. I will be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have, absolutely without obligation.

(I do not endorse or suggest that you reduce or cease taking prescription medications without prior consultation with your GP or Medical Specialist. Remaining under the care of your GP or Medical Healthcare Practitioner is always advised.

Please discuss any homoeopathic support and management you may be considering with your doctor or medical healthcare practitioner, if you are currently under their care. Generally there are no contraindications with Homoeopathic medicines, but check with your healthcare provider. 

Homoeopathy is a traditionally used medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.)

Please advise Carolyn if you are currently taking any prescription medication.

(Back by popular demand - Comprehensive, Revised Edition, 2019)

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