Seeing a homoeopath is like seeing an old fashioned GP. You spend time with them, they’re interested in you, listen to you, don’t judge you and treat you like a human being. The main difference between the medicine a GP prescribes and homoeopathic preparations is that they are traditional medicines which can support and assist in the management of various complaints. Since I’ve been seeing Carolyn, my life has changed irreversibly in the nicest possible ways. On a physical level, homoeopathic preparations have assisted in the management of some of my complaints. On an intellectual level, I’ve developed the courage and personal resources to start a new and stimulating career. Most amazing of all, however – no more fear, doubt or worry. No more martyrdom… expecting the worst and accepting the least. My life is in my hands, now. Thank you, Carolyn.

Sonia R, Noosa. Jan 2010

I wish to sincerely thank you for assisting myself and my two children with the management of food intolerance and behavioural issues. Through homoeopathy, our general overall health has been greatly strengthened, my children’s difficult “heartbreaking” behaviours have greatly reduced, their delays have improved, and there is a genuine happiness in all of us now. I am really grateful to you for that.

Maree Watts, Eumundi. Dec 2009

Carolyn has been assisting and supporting us with our health for some 4 years, and in that time we have found her sensitivity to the needs of her clients both extraordinary and compassionate. She has made a difference to our lives and relieved me of a lot of discomfort. We feel that homoeopathy has assisted us in the management of our complaints, and we recommend Carolyn as a practitioner of this traditional medicine.

Gabriel Poole and Elizabeth Poole. Feb 2010

Having had ongoing issues that I was not able to resolve, a good friend who is also a patient of Carolyn’s, recommend that I consult with her, and try homoeopathic support and assistance.

I found the process with Carolyn to be extremely thorough, and her desire to have my problems resolved was of paramount importance to her. I discovered that the process with homoeopathic support is that it actually targets more the source of the problem, as opposed to just masking it over.  The end result may not always be as immediate as some other approaches, but I have found the long term benefits to be helpful.

Carolyn’s manner of dealing with me, as a patient, is something I am very impressed by…. she is always concerned, extremely patient, very thorough, and would never give up on finding the solution.

As a result of my consultations with Carolyn, my general health and day-to-day demeanor is far better than it has ever been.  If ever any other health conditions arise, I now seek assistance with Homoeopathy, as well as with my GP.

Dominic Hand, May 2013

After two and a half years of an ongoing complaint, I was fortunate to find and book in with Carolyn.

Carolyn took the time to listen, get to know me and figure out the best support and assistance for me, which has helped me in every aspect, physically, mentally and spiritually. Carolyn is a gifted woman, who understands the ways to strengthen, calm and bring forth the best in you. I thoroughly recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to bring balance, courage and kindness back into their lives.

Shirley Van Rosi WA – August 2016

I have really noticed a wonderful improvement in James. He seems more settled, calm and not irritable all the time. He is only gets irritable some of the time now, which is a huge improvement. He is playing so much better with his brother and his cousins. He will go outside and play longer than he would before. Previously, he would just want to come back inside and sit and watch TV or read. I’ve noticed he is trying to connect with kids at school much more. I’ve been pushing him to do this all year, but he has resisted until now.

KR, Noosa. June 2017

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