CONSULTATIONS (fees apply to bookings made after 1/11/2019)

Adults: $165

(Includes up to two homoeopathic medicines, if required)

Initial Consultation:
(Infants under 2 years $100; 2-13 years $120; 14-18 years $130)

Allow 80 – 120 mins.

Adults: $100
(Adults over 85 minutes $120)

(Includes one homoeopathic medicine)

Follow up Consultations:
Infants under 2 years $80;
2-13 years $90:
14-18 years $95.

Allow 60+ mins.




Including one Homoeopathic Medicine. 

Allow 30-40 mins.

For First aid or more minor conditions.

Assessing the specific approach necessary is made at the time of consultation. A ‘constitutional’  or overall approach may be required in order to achieve a more effective and lasting outcome.


Additional Homoeopathic Medicines – $17 ($20 if not an existing patient).

100ml spray, single remedy – $25.
100ml spray, complex – $30.
Large homoeopathic pillules – $20.


HELIOS First Aid 36
Home Basic Kits, containing 36 remedies, for use with minor ailments only. Contact me for purchasing and postage details.

These kits are not intended for use in ongoing, chronic or serious illness.

Always consult your medical healthcare provider or GP if symptoms persist or worsen, and seek medical assistance immediately in the case of emergencies.

(Back by popular demand - Comprehensive, Revised Edition, 2019)

Any suggestions or products in this eBook are to assist in the management of minor illness only, and ARE NOT intended to replace medical advice or treatment. Please contact your Medical Healthcare Provider for advice and treatment if symptoms persist or worsen. Seek medical advice immediately in the case of emergencies.