Helios Kits

Helios Kits

Find out why HELIOS BASIC 36 FIRST AID KITS are so highly regarded worldwide amongst supporters and practitioners of traditional medicine. Made by one of the most respected and renowned international Homeopathic Pharmacies.

  • Helios kits are convenient to have either at home, when you go away for the weekend or on holidays. Perhaps you just need something compact and convenient to take with you that can assist in the management of those unexpected minor health issues. The HELIOS BASIC 36 KIT is essentially designed for those minor day-to-day issues that may suddenly arise in your home environment.
  • The boxes are small, compact, light but very solid (virtually unbreakable) and easy to slip into any overnight bag, suitcase or handbag.  Helios kits contain 36 homeopathic preparations, designed to assist in the management of complaints that do not require specialist homeopathic or medical treatment. The remedies are arranged alphabetically in the box (which opens like a small book) and are clearly labelled for quick and easy-to-spot identification. The kits are accompanied by a booklet that succinctly explains what each remedy is most commonly used for, as well as an extensive list of minor complaints and the most appropriate homeopathic preparations that can assist in the management of each complaint.
  • Helios kits are ‘top shelf’ on the international market, and are renowned worldwide for their compact, robust casing, ease of use and absolute quality of manufacture.
  • If stored not in close proximity (within minimum 1 metre) to mobile phones or microwave ovens, alongside aromatherapy oils, or in direct sunlight, Helios kits last for several years.  Homeopathic preparations will last for many years if kept correctly (dry, no direct sunlight, mobile phone, wifi router or modem, or microwave oven exposure, or direct aromatherapy oil or camphor-based product exposure). If you are planning to undertake multiple flights during a holiday, let me know and I can re-fill and re-medicate the remedies in your Helios Kit if necessary at the end of your holiday.
  • PRICE:  $125 (plus $15 Overnight Express Postage with tracking number, delivery within two working days.)  If you would like one posted to you – contact me for stock availability. 


Available by demand

These Helios kits are not intended to replace medical treatment or advice and, if symptoms persist or worsen, you should seek help from your GP or medical healthcare provider immediately. The preparations should be used only as directed, and are for the treatment of minor ailments only. They are not suitable for the treatment of chronic, serious or ongoing illness. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your Professional Homoeopath, and immediately seek advice from your GP or healthcare provider in such cases. Always immediately seek medical advice in cases of emergency. Please be sure to advise your GP or medical healthcare provider if you are, or have been, using homoeopathic preparations. Please also advise Carolyn if you are taking any prescription medication.

Contact: Carolyn Graham at Noosa Homoeopathic Clinic, PO Box 1655, Noosa Heads, Queensland, 4567.  Mob: 0431 036 495 or email carolyn@noosahomoeopathic.com.au

(Back by popular demand - Comprehensive, Revised Edition, 2019)

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